April 19, 2016

Royal Dutch Shell


Royal Dutch Shell plc

Head of Visual Communications
Public Company; RDSA; Oil & Energy industry

March 2007 – December 2010. In 2007, when Shell was the world’s largest company by revenue, a global energy corporation with 102,000 employees and operations in more than 100 countries, Bjorn Edlund, the EVP of Communications brought Paolo in to examine the ways Shell used visual communications and how they might be improved.

Paolo produced a study called ‘Strategic Future Uses of Visual Platforms’ which identified various pathways for the development of a Visual Communications strategy for Shell, especially as it related to multimedia applications.

Appointed Shell’s Head of Visual Communications, Paolo led a team that pro-actively gathered & distributed multimedia coverage of the completion and launch of a gigantic purpose-built hull from Pori in Finland, which demonstrated the active seeding of the world’s media with positive Shell story-telling.


Paolo shot video and stills of the sail-away from a helicopter at sunrise and distributed the material via satellite uplink at 0630. It was picked up and show-cased by more than 100 international news organizations, including by one Italian network that had 4 1/2 minutes of coverage in its evening news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpNdnnojf-4

Paolo also created “Shell People Stories” – Shell staff telling their extraordinary stories from disparate frontier developments like the former Russian penal colony of Sakhalin, Singapore’s gigantic integrated refinery and chemical complex, and Pearl LNG in Qatar.

As well, Paolo has made strong and transparent multimedia documentaries telling the Shell stories in Corrib, Ireland, and in Nigeria. (See Bjorn Edlund’s recommendation below.)

Shell Nigeria – 50 Years on

Shell history in 3-minutes

“Paolo is an unusually talented editor and producer of visual media, with a sure eye for the telling detail whether he is dealing with complex technology stories or portraying people and the projects they work on.

“I have worked with Paolo on and off since he was a television producer at the BBC more than 10 years ago, and was happy when he moved to The Hague to become our head of visual media.

“Paolo is an inspiring colleague, who wins the confidence of his peers and whose engaging style helps senior business people relax and tell him (and Paolo’s viewers) their story.

“Paolo’s editorial judgement and skillful use of modern media helped us tell our side of several contentious aspects of the Shell story, especially in situations where the company’s projects had run into a mix of local resistance and global criticism – i.e in Corrib, Ireland, and Nigeria.

“Based on my experience, I highly recommend Paolo.” – Bjorn Edlund, Executive Vice President, Communications, Royal Dutch Shell plc, 21st April 2010