September 29, 2019

Mind The Gap

Finding ways to say goodbye to a loved one

Long after the train disappears into the tunnel at Embankment Underground Station in London, retired GP, Dr Margaret McCollum, sits pensively on a platform bench remembering her late husband.

This is the story of a widow who had to let her husband go – but who found ways of bringing him back. It examines the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of what it’s like to say goodbye to a loved one at the end of their life’s journey.

It’s something we will all have to do. The word ‘bereavement’ comes from the ancient German for ‘seize by violence’ – though today, we use the word to describe the period of grief and mourning we go through after someone close to us dies. It’s about adjusting to life without that person and finding a place to keep their memory alive.

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