April 19, 2016


January 2011 to present

Founder/CEO VisCom-Media

Multimedia Productions



Portrait by Ömür Black

Award-winning multimedia producer/director, Paolo Black creates cinematic narratives that speak to the heart. His career spans the spectrum of newsroom & documentary environments, and includes wide international experience.

When the giant AstraZeneca Corporation decided to support adolescent health programs in challenged countries around the world, they asked UK-based producer/director Paolo Black to create the multimedia story-telling that would inform staff, NGO’s, and the media, about what they were doing and why.

It was a very important decision for AstraZeneca. Staff worldwide had voted to support this project, and so they wanted everyone to know where their heartfelt support was going and why.

Paolo traveled to remote regions of Eastern Zambia, favelas in Brazil, shanty towns in India, and drug-infested areas of West Baltimore, documenting the incredible daily challenges faced by so many of the world’s poorest peoples – no running water and poor sanitation, little education, and a life defined by poverty, especially for young girls, many of whom have their first baby in their early teens.

Paolo worked in Zambia and India with Plan International, a development organization operating in 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote and protect the rights of children, and in Baltimore and Rio, with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Young Health Programme

Dr-Maya-Morris “Paolo produced beautiful photography and really moving video…The quality of his work is fantastic. He is easy to work with and delivers to schedule. Definitely recommended. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.” – Dr Maya Morris, AstraZeneca Director Global Medical Quality Assurance.
“Paolo Black runs a small multimedia company. He was my Head of Visual Media in Shell. I have known Paolo since he was a BBC producer and he delivers great stories, in video, photos, multimedia and writing. When he went to places like Nigeria or Qatar, he came back with very attractive stuff that was of immediate use both internally and externally. He helped Shell pioneer Social Media releases and other stuff I can only wow at.” – Björn Edlund, former EVP Communications, Royal Dutch Shell.
Melinda-Brooks-Bray “I wouldn’t hesitate to use Paolo again and am looking forward to a longer-term business partnership with Viscom-Media. Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity.” – Melinda Brooks-Bray, Global OD & L&D Director, TomTom.

March 2007 – December 2010

Head of Visual Communications
Royal Dutch Shell


In 2007, when Shell was the world’s largest company by revenue, a global energy corporation with 102,000 employees and operations in more than 100 countries, Björn Edlund, the EVP of Communications brought Paolo in to examine the ways Shell used visual communications and how they might be improved. Paolo produced a study called ‘Strategic Future Uses of Visual Platforms’ which identified various pathways for the development of a Visual Communications strategy for Shell, especially as it related to multimedia applications. Paolo was then appointed Shell’s Head of Visual Communications, and led a team that pro-actively gathered & distributed multimedia coverage around the globe.

Shell People Stories – Evgenia Rodina, Sakhalin Island

Shell People Stories – Huck Poh high above the gigantic Singapore Refinery

The SHELL Story

Royal Dutch Shell said: “……an unusually talented producer of visual media… … an inspiring colleague whose engaging style helps senior business people relax and tell their stories. Paolo’s editorial judgment and skilful use of modern media helped us tell our side of several contentious aspects of the Shell story… I highly recommend Paolo.” – Björn Edlund.

2006 – 2007

Award-winning Documentary Producer/Director
Australian Story
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

aus story

Producer/Director award-winning documentary A Winger and a Prayer, a powerful story about Australian Moslem Rugby hero Hazem El-Masri. who gave us unprecedented access to his private life. The program was hailed by The Daily Telegraph as “a unique insight into Moslem Australia 2007”. A Winger and a Prayer

“Paolo has been an energetic, highly imaginative and creative colleague over the four decades I have known him. In broadcasting he is a delightful collaborator, full of fresh ideas and supportive of new directions. His experience in headquarters operations makes him a valuable player but he has also shown he can operate solo in the most difficult circumstances. Highly recommended!” – Dr Jeff McMullen AM. Worked with Paolo at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

2004 – 2006

Senior Reporter
Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Nominated Australia’s ‘Reporter of the Year.’

1991 – 2004

Executive Producer & Senior Producer/Director
British Broadcasting Corporation


Integral role in the start-up of BBC News24 and BBC World, the BBC’s International Channel. Creator and producer/director the ‘Visions’ project for BBC national and international millennium broadcast, showcasing 24 of the world’s greatest scientists – including Stephen Hawking – talking about the one thing they’d like to see invented or discovered in the new millennium and why.

BBC Visions

Executive Producer of two of BBC World’s show-case strands, Global Report, and Science World. Exhibited an exceptional knowledge of television news and current affairs, and production techniques, including a capacity to lead a team of program makers in clear, innovative and compelling story-telling, together with the use of ‘live’ components, at base and in the field. Executive Produced and Directed ‘live’ coverage of the French presidential election from a Champs-Élysées roof-top. Produced powerful and analytical international television, managed program resources, communicated story angles quickly and accurately, and constantly analysed the focus and accuracy of on-going research, producing creative and innovative programs.

“Paolo has always impressed me. He has an intrinsic ability to tell stories that engage the heart and mind. … Paolo is also an expert in his craft of program making. He has a rare ability to understand in equal depth the technical and creative aspects of the production process. … He brings the best out of the people around him. This means that he can take his stories and turn them into programs that are, literally, beautiful. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.” – Kami Lamakan, Owner/Principal, The Loop Communications, worked with Paolo at the BBC.

July 1993 – September 1996

Chairman, Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group
UK Social Housing


With Board of 20, managed group budget of £100-million, staff of 300, more than 3000 properties, and set up powerful communications links between tenants, staff and management.


London College of Communication
University of the Arts, London


Awarded M.A. Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

Final Project Mind The Gap

Stills, video, lighting, audio, graphics, interviews and production – Paolo Black.

‘Mind The Gap’ is a rail journey that is a metaphor for life’s journey, and the impact a death has on loved ones left behind. It examines the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of what it’s like to say a final goodbye to a loved one

  • “A wonderful, thoughtful and moving film.” – Professor Richard Sambrook, Director Centre for Journalism, Cardiff. Former Head of BBC News.
  • “Moving and compelling.” – Dare Mason, VIP Lounge.
  • “Very moving.” – Patric Juillet, Master Chef.
  • “So powerful and yet gently felt.” – Juliette Bradley, Singer/Songwriter.
  • “Profoundly moving and beautiful.” – Noushin Rahman-Blake, Parenting Consultant.
  • “Absolutely loved it. Hugely moving.” – Steve Colville, President, International Association of Drilling Contractors.
  • “A wonderful piece.” – Fiona Vitel, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • “What a beautiful film. Very meaningful.” – Yvonne Harley, Head of Communications, Standards and Platforms. BP.
  • “A wonderful, wonderful story.” – Jennifer Mitchell, CEO Wild Orange Publishing.
  • “Really wonderful. Congrats!” – Bob Sacha, award-winning multimedia producer MediaStorm.
  • “Sensational.” – Carol Royle, Actress.
  • “Very sensitively done.” – Professor Andrew Rice, Imperial College.
  • “Amazing.” – Dr Stephanie Sadler, Consultant Psychiatrist.

MediaStorm, New York

MediaStorm’s principal aim is to usher in the next generation of multimedia storytelling. In 2007, MediaStorm won an Emmy for Broadband Documentaries, took first place in both the Best of Photojournalism Contest and Pictures of the Year, and won the Webby Award for the Magazine category.

The Art of AttractionActivities: Worked seven days and nights under the guidance of Brian Storm and his team to produce a multimedia documentary The Art of Attraction  And here’s Maisie Crow’s documentary Behind The Scenes at MediaStorm.

“Paolo is a unique individual with a passion for storytelling. He enjoys life and makes the most of every situation. He has a great way of connecting with the subjects of stories that he’s working with and is able to gain their trust and get to the heart of the story.” – Brian Storm, President & Founder, MediaStorm.

University of Sydney

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The Australian National University

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Paolo Black M.A.

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