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Lost, lonely, abandoned. What future lies ahead for these twisted metal creatures? This multimedia poem explores the unnoticed wasteland emblematic of our disposable life, and the way we can be easily discarded.

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AstraZeneca program

One fifth of the world’s population is aged between 10 and 19 years old and many don’t get the support they need to deal with health challenges that can significantly impact their lives.

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Royal Dutch Shell

Shell’s EVP of Communications, Bjorn Edlund, brought Paolo Black in to examine the ways Shell used visual communications and how they might be improved.

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Mind the Gap

A rail journey become’s a metaphor for life’s journey, and examines the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of what it’s like to say a final goodbye to a loved one.

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TomTom in Amsterdam

Project – to interview eight senior engineers of TomTom, the world’s leading Satellite Navigation company, for the company’s “Career Ladder” on its Global Learning Channel.

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The Witness Project

February 5, 1994, a mortar shell explodes in a Sarajevo market killing 68 people, and wounding 200. It was the worst single atrocity in the then 22-month old conflict between Bosnian Serbs, Muslims and Croats.

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End of an Era

Bush House is the building where George Orwell worked on ‘1984’, and is said to have given him the idea both for the nightmarish Room 101 and the almost equally awful canteen at the Ministry of Truth.

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Clingendael Wallpaper

Clingendael in the Benoordenhout area on the northern outskirts of Den Haag in The Netherlands is one of the world’s most beautiful parks.


Paolo Black   M.A.

Award-Winning Multimedia Producer/Director, Paolo Black creates cinematic narratives that speak to the heart. His career spans the spectrum of newsroom & documentary environments, and includes wide international experience. When the giant AstraZeneca Corporation decided to support adolescent health programs in challenged countries around the world, they asked UK-based producer/director Paolo Black to create the multimedia story-telling that would inform staff, NGO’s, and the media, about what they were doing and why. It was a very important decision for AstraZeneca. Staff worldwide had voted to support this project, and so they wanted everyone to know where their heartfelt support was going and why. Paolo traveled to remote regions of Eastern Zambia, favelas in Brazil, shanty towns in India, and drug-infested areas of West Baltimore, documenting the incredible daily challenges faced by so many of the world’s poorest peoples – no running water and poor sanitation, little education, and a life defined by poverty, especially for young girls, many of whom have their first baby in their early teens. Paolo worked in Zambia and India with Plan International, a development organization operating in 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote and protect the rights of children, and in Baltimore and Rio, with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. More



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