April 19, 2016

Peter Fraser Project

Photographer Peter Fraser set us an assignment which he said was about: “photographing how you FEEL, not how things LOOK to you. Go somewhere, anywhere safe, but somewhere unfamiliar to you, sit still with your eyes closed for 20-minutes, and LISTEN to all that is going on around you … and as soon as you open your eyes, begin take pictures … “I went to Hatfield House, the childhood home of Elizabeth l. I’d never been there before. I sat with my eyes closed on a bench outside the house, which was closed to the public for the winter. It had just rained, and the only sound was the crunch of cars driving along the wet gravel drive-way. After 20-minutes, I began taking pictures … and here’s the result:

“One of the first in this country to recognise and embrace the poetic possibilities of colour photography, Fraser has created an extraordinary body of work whilst looking, most often, at the most ordinary of things.” – Jeremy Millar, from ‘Detour and Access’, 2002

19 October 2012